Refugees in Germany who lied about their identity or pose a security threat must be deported in a timely manner, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said Thursday.


“Those who provoked their deportation themselves, for example, by providing false information about their identity, committing offenses or posing other threats to public safety, shall be definitely deported,” de Maiziere said, stressing that a faster procedure is required.


De Maiziere is presenting a raft of changes to national laws to the German parliament, devised in response to the recent terrorist attacks in Germany.


Last month, an Afghan asylum seeker carried out an ax and knife attack on a train near Bavaria’s Wuerzburg, wounding five tourists. A few days later, a Syrian refugee set off a bomb outside a music festival in Ansbach, also in Bavaria, killing himself and wounding 15 bystanders. Daesh jihadist group, banned in Russia among other countries, claimed responsibility for both attacks.




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