For the first half of 2016 from the actions of illegal immigrants already suffered 20 Latvian trucks that are members of the Association Latvijas auto. However, the extent of the disaster is much broader, since the organization does not maintain a count of transportation of small loads.


The Association of road carriers concerned, as the Latvian drivers began to attack and armed criminals. Last week illegals severely damaged windshield carrier packages Valdis Graumans. On the way to UK criminals ambush to stop the car and then either Rob the truckers or trying to hide among the goods transported.


Graumans the victim has returned to Latvia, but still can not recover from the experience in France of shock. According to him, for the most part following the route in France, the driver feels like in a combat zone.


“A group of people wandering in disguise, for 100-200 people. They are all very aggressive. I wanted to break through the barricades and stopped, so they drove me to stick the windshield,” he told the driver.
The Association Latvijas auto said, the lives of Latvian drivers are increasingly exposed to danger.


“Start with rocks and end up shooting. These are the risks. If you go at a decent speed, and you in glass, stone flies, it creates an emergency situation,” — said the head of the Association Valdis Trezinsh.