On the eve in Belgrade was held rally in a memory of the “Storm” operation victims. In 1995, it was conducted by the Croatian army, trained and armed by NATO countries. The outcome of the operation has led to numerous casualties: about 2 thousand Serbs were killed, were destroyed civilian houses, social facilities and the Orthodox Churches.


Now Croatia is blackmailing Serbia with bloody events of the 90s on the issue of Serbia’s EU accession. Therefore, as was explained by the organizers of the commemorative events, it was a protest as well. Serbs are against brazen rewriting of history with an aim to defame their people and show them as war criminals. At the same time, as was noted in Belgrade, Croatia continues to cultivate a dangerous “Ustashe” ideology, rehabilitates Nazi war criminals, and celebrates the anniversary of “Storm” operation. 


Serbian nationalists are strongly opposing Serbia’s accession to the EU, noted Marko, one of the organizers.