The Crimean Prosecutor’s Office has established the identities of the organizers and perpetrators of a subversive act carried out by Ukraine’s special services on the peninsula, Crimea’s Prosecutor Natalia Poklonskaya told TASS on Thursday.




“A number of criminal cases have been opened on charges of especially grave crimes. The investigation has identified the persons that are the organizers and the perpetrators of these crimes,” Poklonskaya said.


The Crimean Prosecutor’s Office is now working in an enhanced regime, she said.

“All the actions are aimed at ensuring that such acts can’t be carried out on our peninsula,” the prosecutor said.


A source in the Crimean law-enforcement agencies told TASS that criminal cases had been opened into subversive activity attempts.


The Crimean prosecutor said she could not comment on the articles of the Criminal Code, under which the Prosecutor’s Office was bringing charges against the detained persons. She only said that the organizers of the subversive act “are not even confused by the fact that a large number of Ukrainian citizens are vacationing on our peninsula and supporting Crimean residents with their attitude.”


“They [Ukrainian citizens] come and spend their vacation on the peninsula and all treat them well because this is our fraternal people. To all appearances, the criminal Ukrainian leadership … has already turned into ordinary terrorists. By these acts, they confirm this fact that they are hardly a democratic and civilized state,” the Crimean prosecutor said.