John Sparks  material announced to be a sensational expose of the Russian military, who allegedly conducting ground operation in the suburbs of Aleppo. This was told by a mercenary named Dmitry. Of course, according to the laws of the genre foreign journalist hid his face. But the secret is out. Hero of 8 minutes story turned to be an actor. He was paid for the interview, and the text of the speech had been written in advance.




They were counting on sensation and media frenzy.


The man who played the role of the very top-secret fighter turned out to be Moscow resident Alexander Agapov. He is a professional actor, plays in the theater-studio of Oleg Budankov. He was hired by the British for a fee of 100 thousand rubles. 


“One can see that the journalists wanted to collect some dirt on Russia. But John made a mistake a little bit. He thought that would be simple. He must have forgotten to which country he came. He thought he could simply find a Russian guy, negotiate, motivate with money. But John made a mistake”, said Alexander Agapov.


Having played a solo performance, Alexander Agapov decided to expose the reporter. That’s because Alexander knew that the British were being cheated. As a confirmation of his words the actor presented strong evidence: he recorded interview on tape.