Great Britain defeated Russia in the case of a direct conflict. This is stated in the secret report of the British military, excerpts of which Wednesday, August 10, publishes the newspaper the Times.




In the report, in particular, refers to the superiority of Russian weapons, including rocket launchers and air defense systems, over the British counterparts. It is also noted that London and its allies are “urgently trying to keep up with” the Russian means of electronic communication designed to intercept drones or military radio signals.


The document’s authors draw attention to the fact that, in addition to the weapons, Moscow has other technologies struggle with the West. For example, the military run the risk of becoming a target in social networks (Twitter and Facebook). In this regard, they are advised to get used to the fact that military activities cannot take mobile phones and tablets.


“In the unlikely event of a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia, we should recognize that Russia currently has a significant advantage over the UK (…) We must find a way to “fight smarter” at the tactical level, while recognizing that some of our opponents are better armed than us,” the report said.


28 Jul Prime Minister Theresa May during a press conference in Bratislava, said that London is ready to use nuclear weapons to intimidate Moscow. She stressed that Russia, like North Korea, are “a source of serious threat.”


In November last year it was reported that Russia was included in the list of major threats to UK national security alongside the terrorists of the “Islamic state” (the activities of the group banned in Russia), the Ebola virus and the massive influx of migrants to Europe.