After Aleppo’s surrounding by the Syrian Army and the announcement of the beginning of joint humanitarian operation with Russia, US and its allies are trying to prevent the final defeat of terrorists, which could be the beginning of the complete victory of the Syrian governmental forces. This was told by the retired Syrian brigadier general Ali Maqsood, commenting on the offensive announcement of “Jaish al-Fatah” group (banned in Russia) to Aleppo.


Militants shell Aleppo district


The West and its allies have mobilized all militant forces in the area to break the blockade and disrupt the Russian-Syrian humanitarian operation. The main active force is “Jabhat al-Nusra”, recently changed it’s name on “Jabhat Fateh al-Sham”. The attack comes from the south and south-west directions, from Idlib and Hama provinces. There were concentrated groups numbering up to five thousand fighters, which the US and its allies considered as “moderate”. At the same time terrorists actively used armored vehicles filled with bombs, driven by suicide bombers. During the first wave of attack about 700 militants were eliminated, four cars were destroyed. After it was five more attempts to break through the defense. Militants managed to achieve some progress militants, but we are not talking about radical change in the situation on the battlefield.


According to the source, one of the reasons why the militants are trying to break the blockade of the city, lies in the fact that in Aleppo are locked the representatives of the security services and military experts from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.