‘Tornado’ militants admitted that fought in Donbass against women and children


Famous fighter from disbanded battalion “Tornado” Ruslan Onishchenko, who was distinguished by excessive brutality against peaceful residents of the Donbass for which he is currently in Ukrainian jail awaiting trial, recorded a video message in response to the appeals of Nadezhda Savchenko to apologize to the mothers, wives and children of dead Donbass militias.


In the video, “patriot” of Ukraine frankly acknowledges the fact that he and his battalion were using weapons, not only against LDPR military but also against their children, mothers and wives. For Ruslan Onishchenko they all are the separatists, and he treated them as traitors and killed without sparing. 


Also, the defendant, as well as his fellow prisoners, who are also former members of “Tornado” does not agree with the statement of the Hero of Ukraine Nadezhda Savchenko that Maidan and anti-Maidan stood for the same values.