$400 million that the United States secretly sent to Iran, were part of the deal on its nuclear program, the Iranian government member announced today. 




“It was a part of the agreement that we have achieved. It was part of the deal on nuclear program” said the Minister of Communications of Iran Mahmoud Vaezi.


“That’s right, they have already paid”, answered Vaezi on the question whether the money were already transferred. 


Earlier media reported that the US administration in January this year, secretly sent a plane to Iran with cash in the currency of various countries in the amount of $400 million. 


The US administration does not deny the fact of sending money, but argues that it is part of the contractual penalty. The United States agreed to pay Iran $ 1.7 billion for the failed supply of weapons due to the Islamic Revolution of 1979, for which Washington received an advance payment more than 35 years ago.