The US commander said that for the first time heard about the novelty of the Russian Armed Forces in the European US headquarters. Allegedly, there he listened to a report on the achievements of the Russian army in Ukraine*. It said that one “fire attack” of Russian artillery completely destroyed two Ukrainian mechanized infantry battalions in just a few minutes.




After this information, he decided that “this is the first case since the beginning of the Cold War where a foreign state surpassed the US Army on the combat capability”.


The retired general said that Russia has improved American technology of “steel rain”. A new generation of small-caliber bombs with thermobaric explosives inside cause much more damage in comparison to the usual shell. Just one grenade launcher platoon is able to destroy everything in the area of 140 hectares.


Robert H. Scales complained that the US government has gone on about “the gods of political correctness” when destroyed all US stocks of steel rain shells – millions of mines and weapons. This process took place during the reign of the last two administrations, when a number of countries, without having technical opportunities for the development of such weapons, have signed an agreement on non-proliferation and the elimination, because it leaves behind a large number of unexploded mines. All except China, Russia and Israel. 


In addition, Major-General noted the enormous achievements of the Russian army in the field of electronic warfare. He believes that Russia is also “run” them in the Ukraine, showed that no one state can be compared with them in the world. 


Nevertheless, Scales believes that in the case of war, the United States will still win, however, the price for it will be too high. While Obama spends billions of dollars on high-tech weapons, the soldiers are killed by conventional small arms. And Russia knows it. 


*The Kremlin has repeatedly stated that there’re no Russian army on the territory of Ukraine. In the ranks of the militia of Donbass are fighting volunteers from Russian regions, supporting the fight against genocide against the Russian-speaking population in the south-east of Ukraine.