On the eve in Montenegro, in the town of Niksic was held a founding congress of the “Union for military neutrality”. It was created on the initiative of the leader of the movement “No to War – No to NATO” and the editor of the local portal IN4S Gojko Raicevic. An impressive number of different political forces opposed to the country’s accession to the unfriendly military bloc have joined it.


In his speech Gojko Raicevic expressed appreciation for the fact that a range of different political forces represented in the “Union for neutrality”. Refusal to entry into NATO was supported from the Communists to the Serb nationalists. 


According to Raicevic, objectives of the Union – to hold a referendum where the citizens could say “yes” or “no” to NATO membership. Now, according to various surveys, between half and 75% of the population of Montenegro are against such a step. Forecasts in this situation are alarming: the forced retraction of the state whose people are strongly opposed, to NATO, could lead to another source of tension in the Balkans.