Organizers of mass protests in Moldova plan to resume anti-government demonstrations in August or September, the Dignity and Truth Platform (DTP) Party said on Monday.




“We consider it reasonable to hold a large-scale protest of all opposition forces against the dictatorship of (Vladimir) Plahotniuc (vice-chairman of the Democratic Party of Moldova) as proposed earlier by the leader of the Our Party,” DTP said in a statement adding that “the situation in the country has further exacerbated” since last year.


“The power is concentrated in the hands of the leadership of the party, for which only 15% of people voted. They violate fundamental rights of people for freedom of movement and assembly, intimidate opposition and population by unlawfully arresting demonstrators and opening criminal cases against unfavorable officials,” DTP noted. The party also expressed concern over growing government debt, economic decline, mass emigration and delays in investigation of 1 billion euro embezzlement from the country’s banks.


“A well-organized mass demonstration of all opposition forces with public support has serious chances to lead to the collapse of the existing regime. After that, transparent and fair presidential elections should be held, followed by snap parliamentary election and replacement of the whole political class,” DTP continued. Mayor of Moldova’s second-largest city Balti and leader of the Our Party, Renato Usatii, said that massive demonstrations are planned to be held at the end of August or beginning of September. “We should organize a serious large demonstration and not wait for parliamentary elections, with the help of which authorities came up with an occupation for all opposition forces,” Usatii added.