Kusturica: Ukrainian authorities will leave as dreadful as it came


Serbian filmmaker and musician Emir Kusturica commented on the Ukrainian government’s decision to ban his perfomance in Kiev at an event dedicated to the millennium of the death date of Prince Vladimir. 




According to the director, the upcoming event is “an important date in the history of Russia, which is contrary to their ideas and perception of today’s world that is different from what has been made by St. Vladimir”.


“They perceive the world as anti-Christian and anticivilizational. They are using the most terrible means on the way to power. It seems to me they would gone in the most terrible way”, said Kusturica, referring to the Ukrainian authorities.


The director believes that the change of power in Ukraine is the result of “a certain plot, which brought murderers to the Maidan who kill even own activists and police”.


“They came to power by a military coup, they have turned an agreement on the peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian crisis into a war”, said Kusturica.