Head of the Serbian national movement “Nashi” Ivan Ivanovic in interview with News Front Serbia. 


NF: Tell us, especially for our foreign audience about the role of “Oluja” operation in recent Serbian history and its consequences.


Ivan Ivanovic: The consequences of this event are terrible for the Serbian people, especially in Croatia. More than 250 thousand Serbs were expelled from Croatia, more precisely from the Republic of Serbian Krajina, more than 2500 Serbs were killed then. Interestingly, the entire operation, which was conducted by the Croatian Army, had been implemented with the help of the Western services. The USA helped them through the CIA and Germany. 


They provided logistical support, and it is known to the Serbian public, the Croats received weapons from them during the war. The Croats could not carry out such actions themselves.


This is a terrible day for the Serbian people, because in Croatia at that time lived a huge number of Serbs. Now we come to the conclusion that Croatia is the only country in Europe where more than 90% of the population are the Croats. 


It is known that the “Independent State of Croatia” was founded in the time of Nazi Germany. Formed as a state, they fought against Serbs and engaged in the extermination of Serbs. Now the war criminals of the WWII in Croatia were rehabilitated and became heroes. Just due to the fact that they were killing Serbs.


NF: Why Europe is turning a blind eye to such actions? 


Ivan Ivanovic: Why Europe turned a blind eye to the actions, which are contrary to popular there statements about de-fascism? Europe has aim to destroy Serbians as nation. And it goes from the 90s, after the fall of Slobodan Milosevic’s regime. Nationalists in Serbia never supported him, because Milosevic was trying to keep the communist regime and the Yugoslav’s ideology. But that does not matter now: we see that they wanted to destroy Yugoslavia. And when in 1999 there was a coup in Serbia, pro-democracy party came to power, Serbia began to fall.


EU not only helps our enemies – the Croats and Albanians in our occupied provinces of Kosovo and Metohija. They also are trying to destroy Serbia in any respect: the economy, the army, culture, spirituality. So they help Croatia to this day, and through Croatia is conducted pressure on Serbia. 


NF: Now, after more than 10 years, Croatia blackmailing Serbia with events from the 90s on the issue of European integration. On the one hand, it slows down the process of Serbia’s accession to the EU, on the other hand, we are talking about new tensions in the Balkans, and it is not safe. 


Ivan Ivanovic: The majority of the Serbian people are for an alliance with Russia, and that fact no one can change. At the same time, pro-Western parties in Serbia have billions of dollars, because they are in power. And they use all means in order to deceive the Serbian people. They want to be both with the West and with Russia, despite the fact that it is obvious that in the West puts lot of pressure. They demand that Serbia as a candidate for accession to the EU must follow the same foreign policy, as in the European Union.


It is obvious that soon Serbia should decide whether it wants good relations with Russia or the EU. What awaits us in the coming months: if the Serbian authorities will decide to do something concrete for the Serbian people, it is necessary to turn away from the EU. However, in this case we will face big problems from different angles.


We can see that similar protests have begun in Macedonia, they are called “color revolution”. There’re also protests in Macedonia, then they started in the Republic of Srpska. In the Balkan countries leaders do not work well, they are associated with various forms of corruption. 


Our Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić came to power through special services and signed the Brussels Treaty. Because of this agreement, “Kosovo” as a state can join international organizations. And that was the real reason why he was brought to power. The whole situation was spoiled by a war in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia.


All the promises that Serbia would no longer tolerate the pressure, if the issue of Kosovo will be over, have sunk into oblivion. Blackmailing started again. Vučić would be put under pressure, and personally I’m wondering how he’ll get out of this situation.


In Serbia formed new patriotic opportunities, but there are also new forces that support the EU and the whole neo-liberal system.