The United States, the European Union, Canada, Norway and Australia lowered goods export to Russia because of the food embargo to the amount about $8.6 bln in 2015, press service of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development said on Tuesday.




“Analysis of import of goods banned for import to Russia in 2015 showed the decline of supplies from the US, EU, Canada, Norway and Australia relatively to 2013 by 96.5% or $8.6 bln in value terms and by 98.9% or 4.3 mln tonnes,” the ministry said.


A similar situation was in January – May 2016 relatively to the counterpart period in 2013 [prior to food embargo introduction – TASS], when import of banned products fell by 96.6% or $3.5 bln, the ministry reported.


Russian import from Albania, Montenegro, Iceland and Liechtenstein subjected to restrictive measures from August 2015 declined on an annualized basis by 85.8% or $91.3 mln in August – December 2015, the ministry said.


Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed to prepare a document stipulating extension of food embargo until the end of 2017.