The relationship of Warsaw and Kiev will not improve without admitting the truth about the Volyn massacre, said the Secretary of state of Poland, Plenipotentiary of Prime Minister for international dialogue Anna Maria Anders.




“Without truth we cannot move forward. We can’t apologize for telling the truth. Relations with Ukraine are complicated going on in this country war is a very difficult moment for this country, but need to call things by their proper names” – quoted by Anders TV channel Polsat.


She noted that the modern Ukrainian society, especially youth, still does not know, based on what the tragedy of the Polish inhabitants of Volhynia and South-East Galicia, were killed EN masse at the hands of not only the UPA but also “their Ukrainian neighbors.”


“I think it’s good that we finally said that it was a genocide,” said Anders.


The envoy of the Polish Prime Minister at the same time stressed that the dialogue with the Ukrainians should be conducted at all levels: not only governments and Ministers, but also between the citizens of both countries.


“The only way to continuously improve relations between the two countries. I myself am in very good relations with the Ambassador of Ukraine in Poland, specific conversations about our future together”, she said.