The U.S. keeps on looking down on Russian humanitarian initiative for Aleppo citizens. The reason of discontent in Washington is that the Russian military along with the Syrian army have opened several humanitarian corridors to let the civilians get out of the city.


The Russians are trying to save the Aleppo citizens; they also are delivering food and medicines. The Russians have also supplied scarce insulin for diabetes patients which is especially valuable.


However, the U.S. backed ‘moderate opposition’ impedes humanitarian operation. Russian Mi-8 military helicopter carrying the crew of three and two Center for reconciliation officers was shot down in Idlib province on August 1. The aircraft was heading back to its base after delivery of humanitarian cargo. The crew tried to steer away from populated areas to avoid civilian casualties.


Meanwhile, the U.S. makes little of humanitarian missions in terrorist-controlled areas. Furthermore, there has been an increase in cases of civilian deaths caused by the U.S.-led coalition airstrikes at besieged communities.


An airstrike on Ghandura village in northern Manbij on July 28 resulted in death of 45 civilians including women and children. The bombing targeted a street market crowded with people. The next day the Islamic State which is still controlling parts of the city posted a video depicting the aftermath of the airstrike.


This is not the first case the U.S.-led operation ended with civilian casualties. The U.S. Central Command announced that it would initiate an internal investigation as coalition airstrikes had killed more than 100 civilians during two last weeks.