Russia wants to improve its relations with NATO countries in Europe.




Anatoly Antonov, Russia’s Deputy Minister of Defence, told the TASS Russian news agency that, ”despite differences of opinion, Russia is ready for constructive conversations about common issues.”


According to Antonov, the agenda for September’s Moscow “consultations” will include the military-political situation in Europe. Antonov says that the meeting’s goal is to reduce shared worries that have arisen over increased military movement near borders.


Flight security in the Baltic Sea region will also be on the agenda.


Finland’s President Sauli Niinistö raised the issue of military planes flying without transponders in July during Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Finland. As the aircraft do not appear on radar, the possibility of hazardous situations or accidents increases.


NATO-Russia relations have been icy following Russia’s reunification with the Crimean Peninsula in the spring of 2014.