Hacked Ukrainian Ministry of Defense mails, list of US advisers uncovered


Within two years, Ukrainian propaganda machine is trying to convince us, simple former and “so-called new” Ukrainians in the fact that Russia invaded neighboring friendly country and occupied its territory. Today we want to correct this gross injustice, and to talk about foreign military experts and propagandists who are working in Ukraine. Meet the Isaak Eagan, Edward Johnson, David Welna, John Krause – American advisers from the US Department of Defense, working in Ukraine quite officially, without hiding. Excuse me, but isn’t this an intervention?


Along with the supplying of armored vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, counter-battery radars (through official channels), as well as the mass of weapons, ammunition, body armor and representatives of the PMC, the United States are sending high-ranking officials to Ukraine, whose task is to supervise, in this particular case, public relations, work with the media and anti-Russian propaganda.




With more than 25 years of public affairs, marketing, crisis communications and media relations experience, Edward Johnson has served in numerous leadership positions around the world. Prior to his current assignment as a District Public Affairs Chief with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, he served as the Army’s senior civilian public affairs officer and career program manager in the Republic of Korea, where he headed up a multi-national team of soldiers and civilians responsible for developing and executing a wide variety of strategic communications, media relations, command information and community outreach initiatives.





Thus, the US non-profit company that has to deal with humanitarian aid in various hot spots of the world, in fact, involved in the creation of radio Army FM designed to brainwash Ukrainian servicemen. Paid propaganda, doesn’t it? 




John M. Krause
Ministry of Defense Advisor (MoDA) Program Office
Defense Security Cooperation Agency


Prior to joining the program MoDA, Krause served twenty years in the US Marine Corps as an infantry officer, supply and environment officer. He has extensive international experience as a result of numerous trips to South East Asia, Latin America, Western Europe and the Middle East.