German blogger Owe Schattauer said about plan to hold the rally from Berlin to Moscow. According to him, this idea has arisen because of the increasing terrorist threat in Europe.


Recently (July 22 – ed.) scary events took place in Munich, – he recalled. – In future in Europe we would probably have to live with that, that before the weather forecast it would be shown a summary of the terrorist attacks. 


He and a German Professor Rainer Rothfuß agreed that it is necessary to go to Russia and get acquainted with the Russian people.


Owe Schattauer keeps a blog where accuses German media in double standards. Some video messages got a sufficient number of views in Russia, and some people began to contact with him. 


On August 7, will be given the start to the rally in which will take part 250 participants, – he said, – 4200 kilometers. We will pass through 6 countries. And it’s not a vacation, not a fun trip or coffee gatherings.


Road Marathon will start from the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin through other EU countries directly to Russia. The convoy will consist of 69 cars and motorcycles, as well as a bus with 44 passengers. 


During the trip, according to the organizer, are planned joint musical performances, visits to monuments and burial of the Soviet Army soldiers. 


In addition, the blogger criticized the NATO military bloc. Asked if he feels NATO propaganda which spins past two years by “bought” media Schattauer said: “NATO’s messages for me are the war”.