NATO’s plans to deploy troops to Poland and Baltic States have confirmed the Alliance’s provocative course toward Russia, Le Monde diplomatique said in an editorial on Monday.


The French journal said in its editorial “Atlantic Provocations” that “the North Atlantic Alliance represents a relic of the Cold War and should have disappeared after the collapse of the Soviet Union.” “You can imagine Russia’s reaction to the Alliance’s decision to hold the summit in a place where the Warsaw pact was signed in May 1955. Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko, who wages an undeclared war against Russia, was invited to the session in the Polish capital, though his country is not a member of NATO,” the journal said.


US President Barack Obama confirmed at the Warsaw summit that the United States renders “firm support to Ukraine’s actions in protecting its sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the editorial noted. By this, Washington and its allies “are hiding Ukraine’s role in non-implementation of the Minsk Agreements,” the journal added.


“So why is the Alliance aggravating tensions between European countries and Russia? This allows Washington to hamper any rapprochement between them,” the editorial concluded.


According to the Warsaw Communique adopted at the NATO Summit in Warsaw on July 8-9, the North Atlantic Alliance decided “to establish an enhanced forward presence in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland”.