Belgian police detained two brothers in cities of Mons and Liege on suspicion of preparations for the new terrorist attacks in the country, federal prosecutors said Saturday.



“Within the terrorism case lead by the federal prosecutors, on yesterday evening [Friday] Mons federal police conducted seven searches in the region of Mons, while Liege federal police carried out a search in Liege under the warrant of the court investigator specializing on terrorism,” the statement read.


They revealed that two men were brought for questioning, “Nurredin H., born January 25 1983 and his brother Hamza. According to the preliminary investigation, there were new terrorist attacks plots in Belgium.”


Prosecutors said that during the searches no weapons or explosives were found. At the moment the investigation does not connect these searches with the cases of the terrorist attacks in the national airport of Brussels and underground.


On March 22, a series of blasts hit Brussels Airport and a metro station located near the EU institutions in the center of the city, killing 35 people. The country remains on the second to the highest terrorist threat levels.




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