It’s no secret that the United States is the main instigator and sponsor of Ukraine in the conflict with the Donbass. Repeated statements by US officials, at all levels, that the US does not supply lethal weapons to Kiev, should not mislead anyone. 




Officially, the United States have provided military assistance to Kiev in the form of supplying with uniforms and equipment, and American instructors provide training for soldiers of the National Guard and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to unofficial channels, the US under the guise of humanitarian aid have repeatedly supplied the Ukrainian military with ammunition, mines, grenades, as well as reconnaissance drones, night-vision goggles and radars.


According to the deputy commander of the operational headquarters of the DPR Ministry of Defense Eduard Basurin, Republic’s intelligence have revealed a hidden supply of US lethal weapons to Ukraine.


“We became aware of the hidden supply of lethal weapons from America. Our intelligence has received the information that on July 13, Ukraine on the basis of a technical agreement between the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and the US military command in Europe in the framework of the program “Partnership for Peace” imported a large consignment of small arms from the United States”, said Eduard Basurin.


According to the DPR intelligence, charter flight RCH 920 from the airbase USAF “Spangdahlem” through the border crossing point “Lvov-avia” were delivered lethal weapons, which were then delivered to the International Center for Peacemaking and Safety in Starichi, Yavoriv district, Lvov region.


According to Eduard Basurin, the Ukrainian side has received 1,000 rifles, 350 guns, 500 machine guns, 200 grenades and 450 sniper rifles.


With a high probability it can be told that very soon all weapons will be used by Ukraine at the Donbass. Apparently, that’s how the US side understands the meaning of “peaceful settlement” of the conflict in Ukraine, as President Barack Obama says so eloquently. The fact that official statements by US representatives at odds with actual deeds, surprises no one. Duplicity and double standards are the cornerstones of the US policy.


It is necessary to pay tribute to the DPR military intelligence, which actionsare able to expose the US military.