Russians are always welcome guests in Slovenia, the country’s President, Borut Pahor said on Thursday in an exclusive interview with the TASS First Deputy Director General, Mikhail Gusman.


President of Slovenia Borut Pahor


“We don’t have any problems,” he said. “We Slovenes are glad to meet with the Russians and I can tell you from my own experience the Russians are glad to communicate with the Slovenes.”


“One way or another, we are the westernmost part of the Slavic world that’s why it was here that the idea of the Forum of Slavic Cultures appeared,” Pahor said. The willingness to maintain this element of ethnic identity is very important, he believes.


The inflow of tourists to Slovenia, including Russian tourists reflects the Slovenes’ wishes that they expressed back at the time of formation of their own independent state, Pahor said.


“We wanted others to perceive this country as a secure, interesting and hospitable state attractive for business people,” Pahor went on.


He voiced the confidence Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Slovenia would exert influence on the deepening of political and, on top of that, economic cooperation between two countries.


Pahor also revealed his plans to visit Russia next year and to sign a big package of documents there.