Oh my… Two years have passed… In memory it was like yesterday. Yes, yesterday was exactly two years since the terrible bombardment of Gorlovka, when the ranks of heavenly angels were joined with two new ones. Christina and Kira. Charming young mother and her tiny daughter. I remember the horror when I saw the pictures. And how I was afraid to call friends in Gorlovka. I was afraid not to hear the beeps. And the desperate hope that the child is still alive. There were some rumors. No, they did not materialize. 




Kira went there from where no one returned, along with her mother. Holding her mother’s hand with her little hand.


She made her first steps on the eve.  Mother and grandmother were happy and dreamed about how the girl will run … It didn’t happen. Christina and Kira are now forever boxed in icons. The icons of our days. And will remain it forever. 


And though, three days ago anoher angel could have celebrated 2oth birthday. Bygone with a terrible martyr’s death for more than two years ago in Odessa. Vadim Papura. The boy, who became a symbol of indomitable courage and perseverance.




He dreamed of becoming a military pilot. All life, with its colors was ahead. And didn’t happened. Smashed, trampled, torned. Tears, candles and flowers can not convey the pain and despair of relatives.


And how many more angels gone to heaven with the Donbass and in the last two years? Remember them. As they remember about us. Gently and strictly they are looking at our deeds. Do not forget about it.


Irina Belokolos