Anti-Russian sanctions have proved their ineffectiveness, and French MPs want to see the real situation in Crimea, French National Assembly member and ex-Transport Minister Thierry Mariani said on Thursday.


Mariani, who leads the French delegation to Crimea, said: “The delegation consists of half of those people who already visited Crimea last time, as well as six other people who have not been to Crimea before.” “All this serves as evidence that sanctions against Russia have completely proven their ineffectiveness,” he added.


“Despite intimidation by some others, despite international tensions, especially in the light of the recent NATO summit, French deputies are interested in seeing things as they are,” he noted.


The Minsk Accords 

According to Mariani, the Minsk Agreements are not implemented because of Kiev’s position, and anti-Russian sanctions become pointless in a situation like this.


“It is obvious now that the Minsk Agreements are not likely to be implemented because both sides should do this,” Mariani said. “However, it seems to me that the Ukrainian side has neither desire nor capability to observe these agreements now,” he added.


“That’s why I told the French parliament that we need to be consistent and either lift sanctions or impose them on both sides,” he noted.