Poland is very tired of the Ukrainian brothers. Previously, the presidents of Poland said that they are the lawyers of Ukraine, but the current Head of State Andrzej Duda in his inaugural speech did not even mention about the “defendant” and pretended that he had forgotten about the existence of neighbors. 




The number of visas for Ukrainians who previously traveled to Poland as to home immediately reduced to 200,000. Some Polish patriots began to urinate on the monuments to heroes of the UPA, other Polish patriots began to patrol the borders with the slogan “See Banderite – Kill”. 


Every day, groups of fighters go to patrol and control so that no one from the Ukrainian side could not cross the border illegally.


Representatives of national-patriotic organization “Phalanx” in Poland have opened a real hunt for Ukrainian armed neo-fascists who may enter the territory of their country. 


Patriots say that the “Right Sector” fighters who are hiding from persecution of security forces in the Carpathians had already infiltrated to the country. Also, the Poles are very much afraid that the flow of illegal weapons, drugs and Nazis will rush to the country.


To avoid such cases, they have set up special patrols and intend to appeal to the president to legalize their security activity and allow to patrol jointly with border guards.