Due to the cessation of hostilities in Ukraine started to prosper weapons black market. 


In many cases, deals take place with the participation of organized crime groups, says the statement. 


Recently, the Ukrainian oligarch confirmed about illegal supplies of weapons to Ukraine.


So, during the fighting in the spring of 2014 Ukrainian military during the retreat left the military base and the militia got the ammunition. However, since the ceasefire in 2015, the AFU does not have retreated, but the weapons still disappeared. 


According to official figures, the problem is gaining momentum. The main reason for this is negligence. Irregular pro-Ukrainian units are often not properly lead accounting of weapons, letting to their further appearance on the black market. The most “running” goods are the Kalashnikov machine guns and grenade launchers.


The destination for smuggled weapons the Middle East countries: Iraq, Syria and Libya. According to the expert on the international crime and security issues Mark Galeotti, deliveries are carried out through the port of Odessa, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.