Famous Serbian journalist and director Miodrag Zarkovic again has visited Donbass. On his way to Donetsk, in Rostov-on-Don, he have an exclusive interview to News Front.


Miodrag Zarkovic said that the DPR has made the strongest impression, and why people in Novorossiya reminded about the situation in the 90s in Serbia, Kosovo and Metohija. He said that “Ukraine is just an example of how it shouldn’t be done”.


Also, the famous Serbian director stressed that “the people in Serbia and Montenegro are not in favor for the European Union”.


People are confused. There is propaganda that the EU is great, progressive, that we should go in, otherwise we would die. But despite the propaganda, most of the people are not in favor of joining the EU at any price.


The people in many countries are willing to withdraw from the EU, but their governments are not paying attention on them. So in Greece people said “yes” for EU resistance but the authorities – “no”.


Britain has voted in favor of withdrawal from the EU. It is unknown yet, what would have happened if such an opportunity could appear in France, Ireland or somewhere else”, added the journalist.