22.07.2016 Munich. Crossover to the second difficulty mode.




One man once called “Munich marksman”, was able to paralyze the entire European city in a few hours.


Several people were killed. Several injured.


Mall’s employees in which the drama happened are trembling in utility rooms.


Police begs the citizens to hide and not to leave their homes. In a panic it’s looking for a shooter and his possible accomplices.


A shooter appeared to be not a fanatic or drug addicted, but well-trained professional just gone. Done a disappearing act.


Perhaps he would be found. Perhaps would be given a runaround in order to reassure the public.


But all this won’t bring Germany to problem’s solution of kicked back terrorism. On the contrary, “the game” will move to a qualitatively new level very soon.


Can you understand that before this antichess had been played with Europe. With pawns


You were not ready for counterplay then, at the very beginning.


Not ready for the new challenges today.


You won’t wake up, you would be trampled by “knights”, “bishops” and finished by the “queen”.


By Sergei Veselovskiy