During the interview with News Front Serbia Serbian analyst Dr. Dragan Petrovic assessed the negative consequences of Serbia’s joining the European Union, and Montenegro’s accession to NATO.


In particular, speaking about Serbia, he highlighted two “unique” reasons to oppose EU membership. The first is the problem of the Kosovo region, which in the framework of European integration is not decided in favor of the Serbian national interests and, the second – trade agreement with Russia, which gives the exclusive right to Belgrade on cooperation, in particular in the field of agriculture.


Asked about the recent visit of the US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland to Serbia, Dragan Petrovic recalled about her “cookies” for the participants of the bloody Ukrainian Maidan.


“Now Nuland arrived to Belgrade. I believe that the reason for that is the connection between Serbia’s leadership with American politics”, said the analyst.


Petrovic has also explained his position on the summit of NATO in Poland and possible membership of Montenegro in NATO.


“NATO is a disaster. It’s an aggressive military alliance, in which the US occupies small Member States. NATO could not be expanded through a referendum, because the citizens of these countries would not have supported it. Montenegro’s accession to NATO would not been supported by 15% and those 15% are the Albanian National Minorities”, he stated.


“Djukanovic may involve Montenegro in NATO only undemocratically. Even Djukanovic, who stole the referendum on the state union with Serbia in 2006, could not successfully organize a referendum on NATO”, concluded the analyst.