One of the aims of the failed coup attempt in Turkey could be the destabilization of relations between Moscow and Ankara, said the deputy chairman of the ruling Turkish Justice and Development Party, Metin Külünk.


If to look at the whole picture, then yes, one of the objectives of the coup was the relationship between Turkey and Russia… For the past three years, some forces with great tenacity wanted to spoil Obama-Putin-Erdogan equation. The forces that wanted to cut off Russia from Turkey to destabilize the relations between Turkey and Russia. But it is undeniable that one of the coup attempt factors  were those who are afraid of the stabilization of the Russian-Turkish relations, taking into account the recent Erdogan’s move towards Russia, said Külünk.


According to him “the destruction of the Russian Su-24 was a trap, the preparation for a coup”. “All countries in the internal politics from time to time may be faced with uncontrolled errors. It was previously in Russia, and now Turkey had faced with this on July 15th. Downed Russian plane and a coup attempt on July 15 are parts of a single process”.