Assad believes Erdogan used coup as pretext to carry out purge in Turkey


The Turkish government has launched a wave of purges in the judiciary, military, civil service, mass media and education in the wake of the July 15 coup attempt that killed over 200 people and injured some 1,500.


“How is it possible that the universities, judges and the public figures are involved in the state coup? How is it that they have made decisions on all these suspensions and The state of emergency entered into force Thursday after being announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and published later in the official gazette. 


In the wake of the attempted coup, Turkish authorities have conducted an unprecedented crackdown on individuals believed to be involved, including governors, prosecutors, intelligence officers, judges, and military personnel.    dismissals even before the investigation has been completed?” Assad said in an interview with Prensa Latina news agency.


“He [Erdogan] simply used this coup to carry out his extremist program, the program of Muslim Brothers inside Turkey, which is dangerous not only for Turkey and its neighbors but also for Syria,” Assad stressed.