Migrants arriving through Macedonia and Bulgaria increase the pressure at the Hungarian-Serbian border, and they are very decisive to reach Western Europe, and are even capable to turn to violence, said György Bakondi, chief security advisor to the Hungarian Prime Minister.




He stated that in the first three months of this year, 4,500 migrants have tried to cross the Hungarian border, while the number in the second quarter is above 10,500.


“If the pressure increases, the situation will be more complicated on the Balkans and the entire EU,” said Bakondi in an interview for Hungarian television M1.


He added that more and more people believe that Europe is not capable to deal with the massive migration and believe that the national governments and Brussels should overtake firm steps to protect the Union.


Bakondi expressed hope that the EU will be capable to set up a security system which would allow real refugees to receive asylum, while denying access to terrorists and economic migrants.




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