Turkish President compares military coup attempt to terrorist attack


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday compared the recent military coup attempt in the country to a terrorist attack and servicemen involved in it to terrorists.




The uprising took place late on Friday as soldiers and tanks were deployed on the streets of Turkey’s capital of Ankara and the largest city of Istanbul, and around strategic locations, including the parliament building. Soon after the attempt’s beginning Edrogan called on the Turkish people to come out into the streets to stand up against the rebels.


“The events that took place on July 15, actually left Turkey face to face with a terrorist attack. Tanks and helicopters of the [coup] attempt’s participants turned out to be powerless in the face of the nation’s resoluteness to protect its will and its country. We called on everyone, who loves his nation and homeland to take to the squares to protect their country and democracy,” Erdogan said during his video message to the nation.


He added that both people and law enforcement officers made necessary steps to foil the coup attempt.


“Our nation, our security officials along with servicemen of the Turkish Armed Forces, who have rejected to join the plotters, have shown a historic firmness in front of the coup attempt. The courage shown by our nation that night in a struggle with the terrorists wearing servicemen uniforms has become a page in the annals of heroism,” Erdogan added.


Almost 300 people were killed and more than 1,400 wounded during the failed coup.