Polish Senators Jan Rulewski and Jerzy Wcisla have held a meeting with mothers of the victims of May 2, 2014, massacre in Odessa, the press service of the Opposition Bloc party said on Tuesday.


The meeting took place on Grecheskaya Square in downtown Odessa where two protesters died.


“The victims’ mothers told the senators about what they had had to go through since then, about the details of the trial dragging on Odessa’s Malinovsky district court,” the report said. “They said they were not getting any assistance from the government and, more than that, the government disapproved of whatever efforts to memorialize the dead and the court refused to give them the status of complainants.”


On July 13, activists of the Avtomaidan public movement blocked the entrance to hotel Geneva where the Polish senators were staying. On that day, the Polish delegation and representatives of Ukraine’s political opposition planned to lay flowers on Kulikovo Pole Square, one of the spots of the outrages on May 2, 2014.


Rulewski and Wcisla, who specialize on protection of human rights also planned meeting with eyewitnesses of the Odessa tragedy and members of the Mothers’ Committee.


Rulewski said the goal of their visit to Odessa was to clear out what happened in reality in Odessa on May 2, 2014.


Opposition Bloc spokespeople also said the senators had managed to pay tribute to the victims of the massacre and to lay flowers on Kulikovo Pole Square.


The tragedy at the Odessa House of Trade Unions occurred on May 2, 2014. A sign-up campaign in support of a referendum turned into clashes between federalization supporters on the one side and Maidan self-defense groups on the other side. The clashes resulted in the local House of Trade Unions being set on fire. More than 200 people were injured in the tragedy while 48 lost their lives.