Russia and Japan should seek ways for developing bilateral relations in spite of global complexities, Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev said on Tuesday at a business breakfast with Japanese business executives.




“I recall our previous meeting in Moscow on June 9 when you, Mr. Asada (Teruo Asada, the chairman of the Russian-Japanese Committee for Economic Cooperation – TASS) and some other Japanese counterparts visited our ministry, and I consider the current meeting as continuation of the historic dialogue, which Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President Vladimir Putin began in Sochi,” Ulyukayev said.


“Given the knotty global situation taking shape now, we seek ways for developing our historical relations and we must find them,” he said.


He thanked the Japanese counterparts for continued dialogue and for business contacts with Russian companies and said the Russian side treasured relations with Japan and concentrated on supporting the Japanese businesses’ collaboration with Russian businesses.


Ulyukayev said the Russian-Japanese intergovernmental commission would hold a session in Moscow at the end of the year, while its sub-commission for trade and investment would meet in Tokyo on Wednesday.


“We hope this will help flesh out the plan of several items that Prime Minister Abe and President Putin discussed at their meeting,” he said.


Asada said in a speech on his part he expected a fruitful dialogue at Tuesday’s meeting.


“On the part of Keidanren (the federation of Japan’s economic organizations – TASS) I welcome you and members of your delegation,” he said. “During out meeting in Moscow last month you spoke highly of the plan of eight areas of cooperation that Prime Minister Abe offered to President Putin and said you hoped these projects would become the pillars for investment.’


“These words sounded inspirational for us,” Asada said.