At least 208 people were killed and 1,491 injured in the failed military coup in Turkey, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said on Monday.




“At least 208 people were killed, including 60 policemen, three servicemen and 145 civilians. The number of victims may grow,” Yildirim said.


According to him, some 7,500 people were arrested in Turkey on charges of participation in the failed military coup. Among them are 100 policemen, more than 6,000 military, 755 judges and prosecutors and 650 civilians.


“A total of 2,725 criminal cases were launched against coup participants,” Yildirim said adding that more arrests will follow.


He also said that 24 organizers of the failed military coup attempt were killed and 50 wounded on Friday night.


Death penalty

 Yildirim pointed out that reinstatement of capital punishment following the coup attempt would be possible only after amending the country’s constitution.


“We cannot ignore the demands of our people,” Yildirim said. “However, amending the constitution is necessary to reinstate capital punishment,” he added.


On Sunday Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the authorities cannot delay the reinstatement of capital punishment for participants in the foiled coup attempt. “We cannot ignore this demand,” Erdogan said noting that the government will discuss this issue with the opposition.


Reconsidering friendship with US

Turkish Prime Minister also noted that Turkey may reconsider its friendly relations with the United States if Washington does not extradite Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen.


“The United States is our friend and strategic partner. We have close relations with them. However, I am telling them that there is a global threat, an attempt to overthrow the legitimate government, there is no religion and no religious values here,” Yildirim said.


The prime minister added that Washington continues “to demand proof, it may be necessary to reconsider friendship with them.”


It was earlier reported that the Turkish government believes Gulen, who founded the Hizmet movement, is behind the failed military coup attempt. In December 2014 a Turkish criminal court issued an arrest warrant for Gulen as he is accused of leading the Gulenist Terror Organization.


A group of insurgents attempted a coup in Turkey overnight to Saturday. Bombs were dropped on the parliament building and the presidential palace in Ankara. The country’s leadership later said that the coup was quashed. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said that the situation is under the control of the official government.