The tragedy in Nice, France, has shown that the NATO member-countries should fight international terrorism instead of confronting a mythical “Russian threat,” told First Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Council upper house International Affairs Committee Vladimir Dzhabarov.




“Unfortunately, ironically, when a few days ago NATO spoke publicly of the so-called Russian threat and contemplated moving its troops closer to our borders, the terrorists showed at this moment that the NATO member-countries should fight international terrorism rather than Russia. This summit should have focused on efforts to combat terrorism rather than a mythical Russian threat,” the senator said commenting on Thursday’s Bastille Day tragedy in France.


Dzhabarov added that “now that the entire French people is living through difficult times,” it would make sense for the world community to join forces in combating international terrorism. In his view, Russia and the West “need to establish contacts between intelligence services, terrorism data exchange and fight it mercilessly.”


There were thousands of people at the moment of the attack on Thursday evening on Nice’s Promenade des Anglais, who were leaving the place after a festive firework display on the occasion of Bastille Day. A truck rammed into the crowd at full speed.


According to the latest reports, 84 people have been killed, several dozen sustained injuries. The truck’s driver was shot dead by the police.