Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said during a regular press briefing on Thursday that “the current Montenegro authorities will bear full responsibility for the consequences of their anti-Russian stance.”




“We took note of Montenegro’s Prime Minister Milo Đukanović statements on ‘Russian propaganda’ published on July 12,” a message posted on the MFA’s official Twitter account said.


This was a reaction to his statement about “people from the lowest classes in the Balkans falling prey to Russian propaganda.”


According to Zakharova, Djukanovic “openly and explicitly” leads the trend of deliberately destroying the friendly relations between the two countries.


Montenegro’s road toward NATO membership was also mentioned during the briefing today, as well as relations between Russia and the western military alliance.


According to the spokesperson, Russia pointed out to NATO that they were directly responsible for possible further escalation of military-political tensions in Europe, as a result of NATO’s unprecedented troop buildup in areas bordering Russia.


She added that during a recent NATO-Russia Council meeting her country “defined NATO’s efforts to strengthen Kiev’s military and NATO military exercises in Ukraine as destructive,” but also “proposed specific confidence-building measures.”


“We are waiting for NATO to respond,” Zakharova said.


The spokesperson also commented on the possibility of Russia and the United States cooperating in Syria, to say this was one of the topics that will be discussed during U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s upcoming visit to Moscow.