The lawmaker’s statement comes after a truck rammed into a crowd watching Bastille Day fireworks in the southern French city of Nice late on Thursday, killing at least 84 people, with more fighting for their lives.


“We need better cooperation with Russia and more strikes against IS [Daesh terror group],” Roman Haider, a member of the lower house of the Austrian parliament, the National Council, and its foreign affairs committee, said.


He stressed it was “essential” to strengthen EU external borders and increase cooperation with the EU police agency Europol.


“National Police forces have to cooperate <…> Terrorism is a matter for the Police,” Haider said, adding national militaries could assist lawmen at the national level.


French President Francois Hollande said the Nice attack was undeniably of terrorist nature. European Commission’s President Jean-Claude Juncker pledged its support to France, which is fighting IS in the Middle East.




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