At this point there are around 1,200 refugees in Belgrade each day, while there are at least 500 at any given moment, according to data from the Commissariat for Refugees and Migrations of the Republic of Serbia. Compared with the situation a year ago, from the beginning of July 2015, this is a significant increase in Belgrade.




Compared with the situation a year ago, from the beginning of July 2015, this amounts to a significant increase in Belgrade.


The Asylum Center in Krnjaca is full and often turns back newcomers. Due to insufficient capacity, refugees are sent to other centers, including Sid, Tutin, Banja Koviljaca. Now between 150 and 200 refugees sleep in the parks and that number is growing every night.


Every day, new and growing groups of returnees are arriving from Hungary, whose authorities are sending them back to Serbia outside international procedures and protocols, using radical repressive measures. There is a large number of new arrivals from Bulgaria and Macedonia while a significant number is made up of refugees who have been stuck for a long time in Belgrade, without funds to continue their journey.


Belgrade is almost certainly moving toward the situation similar to August 2015 when the parks were full of refugees.


The risks for humanitarian workers in the park have also greatly increased. So far there have been several attacks that have thankfully passed without serious consequences. Although under stress due to the reduced level of protection, refugees are now showing a very high level of responsibility for peace and security in the park and usually regulate the distribution of food, clothing and hygiene items themselves, and isolate potential troublemakers.