Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland has set her sights on the former Yugoslavia. During the last three days she visited Serbia (separately – Belgrade and Pristina) and Macedonia.




Political background of this visit is clear. Serbia is a candidate for EU membership, but it is one of the few countries in Europe which opposes the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions and general deterioration in relations with Moscow. And in Macedonia with a bang erupted a long political crisis that even within the country openly described as a color revolution.


In Belgrade, Victoria Nuland was welcomed as a dear guest. She held meetings with the authorities, including the Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic, as well as with the pro-Western leaders of public organizations.


American politician’s visit had been taped by Ivan Ivanovic (the leader of the Serbian national movement “Nashi”, a patriotic organization which opposes to any Western intervention in the affairs of the country) in interview with News Front Serbia. In his article “Victoria Nuland’s cookies” he remembered about the famous visit of the American to the Ukrainian “Maidan” and also suggested that the reason for the visit was US anxiety over the growing pro-Russian sentiments in Serbia.


In an interview with News Front Serbia, Ivan Ivanovic pointed out the role of the Balkans in the global arena, as he also taked about the tribulations that face Serbia in the form of Western influence upon the country’s politics.


Ivan Ivanovic


News Front: Victoria Nuland has visited Belgrade, before she was in Pristina, and now heads to Macedonia. In your opinion what has caused so much attention to the Balkans?


– Balkans are playing a meaningful role in the geopolitical intricacies which now are taking place. Americans understand this, and therefore are trying to destabilize the Balkans by all means, as well as weaken the ties of some countries with Russia. This is best seen in the pressure on the Republic of Srpska, as well as protests in Macedonia where, according to many analysts, there is an attempt to dump the prime minister Nikola Gruevski who is a supporter of closer relations with Russia. Similar events are gradually coming to Serbia, and it is obvious that the West won’t so easy give superiority to Russia in respect of some of the Balkan countries.


News Front: In Belgrade Nuland said that she doesn’t see nothing wrong with the good relations between Serbia and Russia but noted that supports Serbia on its path towards European integration. Do you think it’s possible to be friends with Russia, but at the same time continue entering the EU? 


– Statement from Serbian’s PM Aleksandar Vučić cabinet are just schizophrenic. To anyone who understands at least something in politics, it is clear that this is impossible. EU officials are constantly demands Serbia to “agree” its foreign policy with the European Union, that “in translation” means that Serbia should take the same position towards Russia, as the other EU countries. So Vučić’s policy won’t last long. He must decide. 


News Front: Also as part of this visit, it was spoken about “the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina”. Nuland, by the way, was very careful in the statements related to the problem of Kosovo and Metohija. What is actually the role given to this Serbian province in the negotiations on the European integration?


– This is a key question that goes after PM Vučić since he came to power. Vučić signed the Brussels Treaty, which actually opened to “Kosovo” an opportunity for entry into international organizations, and meant tacit recognition of pseudostate. This is the reason why Vučić came to power with the help of the Western structures. They needed someone who would fulfill their requirements in just a few years in power. Serbia is not talking to the EU as a united and sovereign state with Kosovo and Metohija as a part of it and, according to the EU officials, Serbia and “Kosovo” should join the EU together, and should not interfere with each other in this path. 


News Front: In Belgrade Nuland met with the activists of public organizations. And your movement is in favor of the independence of the Serbian public and political life from the Western forces. Tell us more about your initiative, according to the law “On foreign agents” and how it could work?


– In Serbia “Nashi” were first who unveiled the proposal that all NGOs are funding by the West. Those who are engaged in policy were characterized as “foreign agents”. Similar was done in the USA, later in Russia and China. In Serbia, you can see how many NGOs, but in fact – the CIA henchmen are trying to influence on the Serbian policy and relations with Russia. Also, these organizations may be involved in criminal activities such as coups and color revolutions. Therefore it’s necessary to introduce their activities into the framework of the Constitution of Serbia as soon as possible and adopt a law on “foreign agents”, so that their presence was strictly regulated. 


News Front: Soon in Belgrade will be held a meeting of the initiative group “We will not give Belgrade”. There’s a conventional wisdom about it or rather about the organizers. What do you think about these demonstrations?


– The initiative group “We will not give Belgrade” consists of anarchist organizations, NGOs, and even the LGBT movement. The reason for the meeting was the criminal decision to demolish the building in Savamala which deserves condemnation, and the authorities of the Belgrade city stay behind this. Meanwhile, the US Embassy employees began to attend those meetings, as well as various public figures who talk about everything, except for the demolition of the building. This organization has a purpose to put pressure on the Serbian authorities because of the uncertain policy with Russia. The West is trying to show Vučić that it won’t be difficult to the security services to generate the critical mass to carry out the revolution and overthrow of the government, which does not obey the US and foreign agents.