Joint meeting of the NATO-Russia Council at the level of permanent representatives, scheduled for July 13, in Brussels, will be hopeless for the country. This was stated by a member of the International Affairs Committee of the Federation Council Igor Morozov.


One of the main issues of the meeting would be the Ukrainian crisis. But given the fact that the last week the alliance approved stationing of four battalions from NATO near the Russian borders, Moscow would be dictated the terms and the dialogue won’t happen, said the senator.


Another issue in the discussion in what the West is interested is the limitation of military flights of Russian aircrafts in the Baltic Sea area, namely in the area of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.


“The agenda of the meeting formed expressly for the interests of NATO. The Alliance will likely try to talk with Russia from a position of strength. So I do not expect the positive results from meeting, but the dialogue itself as the format of our communication is very important because it allows to designate the Russian position and gives the opportunity to adjust the future agenda of our relations”, said Igor Morozov.


According to the senator, during the meeting Russia must rigidly insist on the implementation of the Minsk agreements by the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, as well as to speak strongly against the strengthening of NATO’s military factions in the Black Sea.