According to the Rheinische Post, the BKA provided the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center with the names, dates of birth, passport number and other personal data of 159 German nationals and 140 foreigners who were registered by the BKA as “potential attackers”.


The media said that the transferred data did not include persons against whom the probe over affiliation with terrorist groups has already been launched and added that the data will be periodically updated.


In turn, the media noted, the FBI handed over their lists of suspected terrorists to Germany.


On May 22, BKA said that the number of people, who are ready to conduct terror attacks in Germany has almost doubled year-on-year — it was estimated at 497, while in 2015 the BKA had classified as potential terrorists only 270 people. At the same time, the number of terrorist sympathizers, who could assist in the attacks was estimated at 339 people.




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