The Syrian army and popular forces destroyed ISIL’s military positions and equipment, including a vehicle equipped with a machine gun, near Aqareb dam.



According to the local sources, the offensive left a number of ISIL members dead and wounded.


Also, the Syrian helicopters attacked the terrorists’ positions near Qasr Ali village in Eastern Hama, demolishing their strongholds in the region and killing tens of their members.


In a relevant development on Thursday, the Syrian army pushed back ISIL’s attack on a strategic village in the Northern part of Hama province, inflicting heavy losses on the Takfiri terrorists.


The ISIL terrorists launched an offensive on al-Mabojeh village in Salamiyah area in Northern Hama, but were pushed back by the Syrian army and resistance forces.


At least a dozen terrorists were killed and many more were wounded in heavy clashes with the Syrian army.


A number of the terrorists’ military vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns were also destroyed in the clashes.