The Syrian army forces, supported by the National Defense Force (NDF), targeted the ISIL positions in al-Aswad mountain near al-Sha’er oil field, destroying a tanker truck smuggling oil.



Also, al-Wa’r region in Homs city was the scene of the army’s sporadic missile and artillery attacks on the terrorists’ positions which killed and wounded several ISIL members.


In relevant developments on Thursday, the Syrian army with the support of pro-government forces repulsed terrorists’ attack on army’s defense lines in a key region in the Eastern part of Homs province.


“The Syrian army managed to thwart the Takfiri terrorists’ offensive on their military positions in Abu al-Alaya region in Eastern Homs,” the Arabic-language media outlets quoted an unnamed battlefield source as saying.


Scores of ISIL terrorists were killed and wounded in the Syrian army’s counteroffensive in Eastern Homs.


The Syrian fighter jets, in a fresh round of combat flights, targeted ISIL’s concentration centers in the Eastern and Northeastern territories of Homs province, leaving dozens of the terrorists dead or wounded.


The Syrian army aircraft pounded one of the ISIL bases along the group’s communication road in the Western side of the village of Tal Omri, which ended in the killing of several militants and destruction of their military equipment.


ISIL’s gatherings in Southeastern side of the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur) were also attacked by the Syrian jet.