Montenegrin MP and a leader of opposition “Democratic Front” Milan Knežević commented the fight in the Parliament, considering that what has happened speaks about acute schism in the country on the NATO issue.




Every day “Democratic Front” is gaining popularity among the citizens who want to see changes in the country, as well as to hold a referendum on joining NATO”, said Knežević. 


“After the elections in October, DF will hold a referendum on NATO. The next steps will be the lifting of sanctions against Russia, and withdrawal of recognition of Kosovo’s independence”. 


According to Knežević, the current composition of Parliament, which finally formed only in early 2016, was put together namely to take decisions on NATO issue. At the same time citizens of Montenegro are categorically against joining the military alliance, the politician believes.


“The agreement must be ratified by the parliaments of all member-states, so that Montenegro could join NATO. Then would be taken the decision on accession – by a vote in parliament or via a referendum”, reminded Knežević.


Earlier, Milan Knežević’s Democratic People’s Party has published results of a survey, according to which the majority of Montenegrins are against NATO accession.