Russian Defense Ministry has decided to make a little surprise to expanding NATO amid the Warsaw Summit: to place two “Sunflowers” – near the Black and Baltic Seas. It was decided to place powerful system-horizon radars namely in those two regions where the military alliance has developed intense activity and expanding infrastructure. 




Cheap and local system “Sunflower” is ideal for placement in specific high-risk locations, requiring effective control. Operation of the system is tied to the Navy, therefore, Russia is currently methodically, but consistently increasing the grouping of its Black Sea and Baltic fleets. 


Thus, Russia solves a security problem of air and sea space. The fleet would be secured by “Bastion” systems, which hit the enemy ships on the distant approaches, and provide air cover maritime air defense, coordinated with “Sunflowers” and terrestrial S-400.


For every NATO action whether it’s the expansion of the placement area of the military infrastructure or conducting of provocative exercises and other military activity at Russian borders, Russia would consistently find and use an efficient and cheap means of response.