The extension of economic sanctions against Russia by the European Union is a short-sighted policy, as stated by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


“The extension of the anti-Russian economic sanctions by the European Union until January 31, 2017, which are illegitimate from the standpoint of international law, is seen as a continuation of a short-sighted policy by Brussels,” the Ministry’s statement reads.


The Ministry also stated that binding the sanctions to the implementation of the Minsk Agreements is “absurd.” “We believe that binding the discriminatory measures against Russia to the implementation of the Minsk Agreements is absurd. Especially in the current environment, when we see the unwillingness of Kiev to fulfill its obligations. Russia is not a party to the domestic conflict,” the statement informed.


“We hope that if and when common sense prevails in Brussels and the EU abandons the logic of confrontation and deterrence, we can provide a new level of cooperation,” the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed.